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Chimney fires can be avoided, yet 45,000 Americans experience chimney fires annually losing 23 million dollars worth of property, to say nothing of lives.

Why risk tragedy?  The Swift™ Chimney Cleaner offers a low cost, efficient, easy to maintain system that saves lives and property.

For a very small investment you receive peace of mind.


The Swift™ Chimney Cleaner works in virtually any masonry chimney with cleanout door, even one with a bend in it.  The easy to follow installation instruction allow you to permanently install the unit in 1½  - 2 hours.

The control box, mounted anywhere on the chimney, accepts paint to match any decor.  Holes are drilled in the mortar joints of the chimney.  Two cable guides are inserted and the control box is mounted.  A hold is drilled at the base of the chimney and a pulley is installed.  A rack with a pulley is then mounted on the chimney top.  The cable and brush are hooked up and you're in business.  If you have an outside chimney and the cleanout door is in the basement, the control box can be mounted on the cleanout door and still gives you access to removal of creosote in the bottom of the chimney.

From then on, we only ask that you maintain the control box by occasionally lubricating its moving parts.  We manufacture the parts form quality parts and guarantee them for one year.

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Swift™ Chimney Cleaner Kit

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Installed Swift™ Chimney Cleaner Control Unit


Easy, fast and clean to use, the Swift™ Chimney Cleaner does the job in less than five minutes.  You simply rotate a crank and the Swift™ Chimney Cleaner does the rest.

Use the Swift™ Chimney Cleaner anytime.  The chimney cleaning brush, stored below the stovepipe entrance, thoroughly cleans the flue.  Do not risk climbing on the icy roof again.  Just turn a crank and your chimney cleaning troubles disappear.


"I believe in fire prevention rather than extinguishment, and your Swift™ Chimney Cleaner is certainly a means of preventing fire and the damage is causes.  90% of the fires in my home town originate from dirty chimneys.  I support your concept and recommend it very highly."

Van Buren Fire Department
Van Buren, Maine

"I wouldn't go without a Swift™ Chimney Cleaner.  I had two chimney fires and it was a hassle climbing the roof every other week to clean my chimney.  I recommend the Swift™ Chimney Cleaner to anyone who burns wood.  If I would have to replace it, I certainly would buy another one."

Don Sirois
Madawaska, Maine

"As the owner of a Swift™ Chimney Cleaner, stove dealer and chimney sweep, I highly recommend the Swift™ Chimney Cleaner to anyone who wants to make wood burning a safe and pleasant experience.

Wilber Labbe
Woodstove Shop
Caribou, Maine


We need the chimney height and the inside dimensions of the flue in order to provide the right size brush and cable length.  We also need the wall thickness of the chimney a the point where the control box will be mounted.  Prices vary according to the size and height of your chimney.

We accept Visa or MasterCard.  We also ship UPS cash on delivery (C.O.D.).

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